Introduction to Electric Sex with Sado BJ (SOLD OUT!)


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Seminar/Workshop: Introduction to Electric Sex
Date and Time: Sunday 23rd July at 7:30pm
Venue: Eagle Leather, 80 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford

This seminar/workshop is limited to 30 people, bookings are required. Upon ticket purchase, your name will be added to the list of attendees and marked off on the night. Tickets will not be sent out in the mail. This class will run for approximately 2.5 hours.

About The Workshop

Hosted by BJ, this seminar will provide participants with an awareness and understanding of electro sex toys, their basic principles, how to administer them, and how to safely enjoy their pleasurable sensations!

BJ has twelve years' experience in retailing and using electro sex products; giving him a unique understanding of the pros and cons of various units and toys, both through his own testing and customer feedback from users of all experience levels.

Many people interested in getting into electro sex find the variety of choices in brands, toys and configurations daunting. BJ seeks to remove this barrier by educating attendees on all the popular brands plus the different types of toys available to help attendees consider what is best for them and their experience level.

This class will also feature a live demonstration and will give participants a limited opportunity to experience the effects of electro sex toys for themselves. This class is perfect for the beginner or intermediate user.

About The Presenter

Sado BJ is well regarded around the Melbourne and interstate fetish scene as an expert in rope bondage, flogging and general impact play. BJ's accomplishments as a passionate advocate of the fetish and SM scene in Australia are wide and varied, including fetish performances, event management (Ligatio and Fantastic Party), seminar and workshop presentations, radio appearances, working at and later becoming co-owner of Eagle Leather, and plenty more. Through his career at Eagle Leather, he has focused on education and established himself as one of the main presenters at Eagle Leather's workshops and seminars for nine years.

BJ is an accomplished master with over fifteen years experience in BDSM and just as long in the adult industry. What began as practicing flogging in the back room of the sex shop where he was employed at the age of 20 has since developed into a full time passion for everything that is BDSM and fetish. From this basis his interests begun to develop, especially in the areas of impact play and Japanese influenced bondage.

An experienced top, his creative styles are enjoyed by audiences and kink fans across the board. His major strengths involve flogging, caning, bondage, genital and nipple torture, discipline and humiliation. BJ was also awarded the coveted title of Best Australian Sex Educator at the Eros Shine Awards in 2011.

Proceeds to the Russian LGBT Network
You most likely have heard of the atrocities occurring presently in Chechnya. We at Eagle Leather have felt we really can't sit around and do nothing while this is happening in the world, but we've been at a bit of a loss how we can help.

Then we finally found a good news story coming out of this horror - The Russian LGBT Network, who we have raised money for in the past with our workshops, have just managed to free 40 of the prisoners in the Chechnyan camps:

"The Russian LGBT Network continues to work on the evacuation of those persecuted by the authorities in Chechnya because of their real or assumed homosexuality. To date around 60 people have contacted the Russian LGBT Network. Some of these people are still in the area and are in need of urgent evacuation, while others have managed to relocate themselves but nevertheless need further assistance. More than 30 people have already been provided with support."

"We know that people and organizations all over the world are collecting money in order to support our work in evacuating people from the region, and we are greatly appreciative. This money will go towards transportation, accommodation, basic goods, medical and psychological support as well as the preparation of necessary documents. It is dangerous for most of the survivors to stay in Russia; therefore, we are preparing for their evacuation from the country."

The Russian LGBT Network is an excellent organisation which is constantly hard at work in grass roots activism and affecting real change in the world, and we believe by donating to this organisation it is the best way we can help Chechnya right now. We'll be donating 100% of the ticket sales from this workshop and our Electric Sex workshop to the Russian LGBT Network.

Even if you can't attend this workshop personally, we would love it if you could donate what you can to help them in their work.

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