Caterpillar Dildo

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This is an incredible dildo for a combination of depth and width play.

The Caterpillar is 11.75" long (9'5" insertable). Its 3" thick (9.5" around) at the head, 4" thick (12.75" around) halfway down, and 4.5" thick (13.75" around) at the base.

This toy is sure to worm its way into your heart!

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This thing doesn't just tick all the boxes. It stretches the boxes into gaping circles...
the first two heads are about the same size and you know they are there. Its nice and soft so a little guidance is required. Next big bulge is nice to just relax and stretch over, you can feel the head making its way in deep. Its pretty satisfying to this stage and great to ride.
the final bulge..... well. OMFG it popped in and nearly jumped up through my throat.
Try it from lots of different angles and get a different surprise each time. Such a f@cking rush and to feel the firm head behind your bellybutton is so hot.
thinking about cutting the balls off and seeing where it goes.....

(Posted on 16/06/2015) Review by 14Dboyz

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